Samina Azam


A multi-passionate creative, with a zest for insight, knowledge and learning. When we lead with intention, authenticity and purpose the outcome is spectacular.

Samina Azam

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What Oculus Creative Learning can do for you.

Crafting, tailoring and capturing the essence of your learning and development journey – understanding and supporting your vision through 121 consultation.


Whether you are seeking training for your business or personal development, Oculus Creative Learning will align with your personal and professional ethos and vision.


Passion and Emotional Intelligence are at the heart of our training, along with shared life experiences and storytelling. “We can attach no cost to the knowledge and wisdom that comes with a life well lived.” We cultivate and channel these experiences and create authentic teaching, coaching and practices.


Our Vision | To produce authentic, bespoke and creative training, for business and personal development. Delivering training and learning in an immersive, supportive and agile manner.


“Let us stay curious about our learning, not just once a year but daily. Be inspired by the world which surrounds us, teaches us and gives us all the answers… All we have to do is engage and listen”.

Where there is passion and intention, there comes an authentic commitment.

Samina Azam